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I'm so excited about the reactions I've been getting for Sid & Sin. People are loving Induction.  I've dropped a few teasers in my Facebook group and folks are eagerly anticipating the second in the series, Fae MisFortunes - releasing the end of the month. 

You haven't read Induction yet? Well, the first book in the Sid & Sin series is hitting a Kindle Countdown sale starting today - and ending February 17th. That means, for those seven days, you can pick up Induction for $0.99. 

I've been told by those who have been published longer, that reviews are for the readers. I try not to read them too often - just skim them for hopefully a good line or two to use in my marketing. I've been sincerely touched and thrilled by the reviews you've left for me. Thank you for encouraging and cheering me on.

"Oh my gosh, I couldn't put this down...I'd give it 100 stars if I could!" -Sid & Sin #1

"I devoured it in one sitting and it kept me on the edge of my seat all night!" 


"It makes you believe in magic..." - Revelation


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Kindle Countdown Deal!

Induction is in a Kindle Countdown Deal, starting today!  From February 10th until February 17th, Sid & Sin #1 is only $0.99. 

Check out the first in a new five-star series!

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Pre-Order is Up!

Fae MisFortunes is up for pre-order! There are only 19 days left before it is released on February 29th.  

Get it on pre-order now and have it automatically delivered to your Kindle on release day!

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Check out these books by some author friends of mine. 

You're going to love these tales of magic and mystery.


She’s a witch. He’s a vampire. Falling in love was the easy part.

Just like her mother, Chelsea Greaves has her role to play as Regent to the witches in her home of Sterling, Georgia. She even fell in love with a vampire. Only one problem: the witches forbid it. Getting caught in a torrid affair with him will have her hung and burned. But her heart has a mind of its own.

Lucien Frost has a role to play too. He’s one of the Kings of Sterling and the only line of defense between her witches and his vampires. Sterling is his home and war was never part of the plan. But falling in love with Chelsea has him ready to make an exception if it means being together once and for all.

Can their love prevail or will her fear conquer them both?

“I see something in you, Miss Abbott, something I recognize. The potential for greatness, for channeling magic. For bending the world to your will.”

After an affair with her teacher, Rose’s parents ship her off to Livingston Academy, a stuffy all-girls’ boarding school. Ashamed of her past and herself, sixteen-year-old Rose just wants to chill, pass her classes, and make friends. The last thing on her mind is becoming a witch…

Until the enigmatic headmistress gives her the chance to join a coven secret from the rest of the school. Desperate to prove herself and looking for a purpose, the headmistress’s offer seems too perfect to pass up.

Rose puts on her metaphorical pointy hat and becomes a Livingston witch. She quickly discovers that the other witches don’t want her in their group—especially because she’s filling their dead friend’s space—but if they can’t band together, the witch-hunting headmaster of the boys’ school will kill them.

Meanwhile, Rose struggles to understand her growing feelings for her roommate, who may or may not hate her guts.

You know, typical boarding school stuff.


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Promos and chances to win a $150 Amazon gift card. 

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